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I've been learning about Glade for about a week now and have already figured
out every thing I need to know for my application (a pretty large project),
I still can't seem to figure out how exactly to add an "open/save as"
feature.  Every tutorial which I can find seams to avoid the subject and the
Glade-users mail list only touches on it.

Us beginners need an actual walk through Tutorial.

 I'm wanting to use a regular button to bring up the File Chooser Thingy.
So far I've created a FileChooserDialog in Glade and chose in options the
type action "SAVE" Then I loaded the widget in the application and called
show() ---That's as far as I can get!


void on_savebutton_clicked                  (GtkButton       *button,

gpointer         user_data)

GtkWidget *savething = create_filechooserdialog1();
gtk_widget_show (savething);


...Please help me!!!
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