[Glade-users] Best Practice for Glade.XML - open/close new window

Thanks alot Tristan.

After working on this tonight, I've been able to solve my problem by
1. Setting all my windows Visiblity = false in the glade designer.
2. Initializing the Glade.XML object like this (inits all widgets contained in the .glade file because second 
arg, root, is null):
  gxml = new Glade.XML(sPATH_TO_GLADE_XML, null, null);
3. When I want to show a window, using:
  wnd = (Gtk.Window)gxml.GetWidget(sWindowName);
  wnd.Visible = true;
4. Hiding a window
  wnd.Visible = false;

The app seems alot more responsive now and everything works!



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