[Glade-users] Re: Destroy and rebuild a treeview widget

Ruch Guillaume wrote:
Le lundi 05 juin 2006 ? 19:36 -0400, Tristan Van Berkom a ?crit :

You must call gtk_widget_show() on widgets that you want to be visible
(or set the visible property to true in glade)... or call 
on some parent in the heirarchy (that may be the problem).

      I tried gtk_widget show all on every parent widget in the hierarchy,
all in glade is set to "visible", but still no treeview... I've just a
white scrolledwindow where nothing happens...

Seems that your code is quite short... maybe you should just try
dropping the glade_xml_get_widget()/mysql_query stuff, add the
treeview into a GtkWindow with some random values and see if it works.

If it works you'll have somthing to start with (i.e. bring back libglade
and sql step by step); otherwise there is an obvious bug in that short
code segment; you can then compare that code with the gtk-demo treeview
code to see what you may have got wrong (or send the short easy-to-compile
code here so I can try to reproduce it).


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