[Glade-users] An oft asked question --- I'm sure

2006/1/11, Jim Bodkikns (Dakotacom) <JimBodkins yahoo com>:

Will glade ever feature free form widget (control) placement. (I dont care
much for the layout boxes - forget their name).

HBoxes, VBoxes, and Tables.

I think glade is the only
tool (contemporary) that still does this. (I'm trying to use anjuta - but
may dump C/C++ entirely in favor of tools like Boa and Python or VTcl and

Glade, is not responsible for it. Gtk is. Gtk is the only toolkit that
arranges its aspects in such a sencible way *ever*. If it wasn't for
Gtk, you would be strong armed to use the stone aged pixel wise
placement of all the widgets. Can you imagine that? We are all glad
for Gtk thanks to Gtk's advanced placement scheme, You no longer have
to worry about having to resize your own widgets all the time, Gtk
does it on its own.

I have decades of experience with C/C++, but find using glade
tedious. (Non-trivial legacy apps that have complex UI's)

Well, Gtk does it the Right Way(TM).


If you still have a retrograd thinking and insist on suffering though
the pain yourself, Gtk (at least Gtk#) does allows this to be done
with either the Gtk.Fixed or Gtk.Layout namespaces. I have no idea how
they work, or if they can be ported to other Gtk's or if they can be
used by Glade, however your best shot is provably wxWidgets and not

I'm hoping I just missed something. :)

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