[Glade-users] Generate c-file in glade3?? from Aug 15 2006

Hi Tristan,

The one I looked at had someone suggesting that he
managed to implement Model View Presenter with the
help of libglade and gtkmm, and that interested me
greatly as this is what I'm working on, except that
I'm using plain C.  It doesn't matter though as that
wasn't the main point.

There were a few threads, this one [1] is quite
but a little repetetive.

This is the exact layout inside the window, although I
would've made it clearer with some ASCII rectangles.

Label   Spinbutton
Label   Spinbutton

Well, how are they packed ? you can generate them
more than once
from the glade file... i'd say the code you're
looking for
should look something like the following:

And this very bit of the your code cleared the mist
that had been around me since months ago, as I'm
supposed to use as many as GladeXML instnaces as there
are widget pairs instead of using just one.  Having
said that, I guess it would be good to add this into
the introduction part of libglade, as this was the
very point that kept me from abandoning code
generation.  I did hear about the speed issue but it
might be another year or so when I get yelled at by

   for (something about entries) {
      GladeXML *xml;

Thanks heaps again, and keep up the good work!


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