[Glade-users] something going wrong with ComboBoxEntry

nephish wrote:

# populate the Sensor Type list
self.new_list_store = gtk.ListStore(str)
new_cell = gtk.CellRendererText()
self.SensorTypeEntry.add_attribute(new_cell, 'text', 0)
type_list = gDDS.getMany("SELECT `Type` FROM `Status_Def` \
  ORDER BY `Type` + 1") # object that wraps sql query & returns tuple
for type_def in type_list:

any ideas ?

I cant say I really understand this code, but from first sight
I wonder, why would you set the GtkTreeModel to `new_list_store'
every time you append an entry to the liststore ?

Also, why would you call set_text_column() every time ?


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asking gtk+ related questions on gtk-app-devel-list at gnome.org.

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