[Glade-users] something going wrong with ComboBoxEntry

Hey there all,
i have two questions about a ComboBoxEntry.

i am trying to load the values in it via list.
i only need one column of info, like an old style simple ComboBox, that
as i understand it, is being depreciated.

my first question is... there does not seem to be a set_text method. How
can i manually set the text inside from my script ?

and two, it loads the lists just fine, but prints out a double column of
every value. One right beside the other.

here is the code:

# populate the Sensor Type list
self.new_list_store = gtk.ListStore(str)
new_cell = gtk.CellRendererText()
self.SensorTypeEntry.add_attribute(new_cell, 'text', 0)
type_list = gDDS.getMany("SELECT `Type` FROM `Status_Def` \
   ORDER BY `Type` + 1") # object that wraps sql query & returns tuple
for type_def in type_list:

any ideas ?

if you have read down this far, thanks for your time.


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