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*  *    My name is Sameer.i am working as a software engineer in MIC
Electronics Ltd. I am working on glade environment. I am developing
applications using GLADE 1.1.3 in which it is using gtk-2.0 as user
interface builder in red hat  linux 9.0.

         I am having a problem when developing Glade.It is when i developed
a project first time they ran properly without errors and i got
output.Ihave worked on callbacks
file.But after some days i have executed the same projects but they are
giving a runtime error.Even if i create a new project now i am getting the
same error.

error is::
(project1:5558): Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtklabel.c: line 937
(gtk_label_set_text): assertion `GTK_IS_LABEL (label)' failed

why is this happenning?any idea?

please help and kindly suggest me if there is any way.

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