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Hi guys. I tried to compile my glade project named "Project7", but i got this
error msg :
"Warning : could not find the widget "spinbutton 65"" <--- sumthin like that...

" (project7:3977):Gtk_CRITICAL **:file spinbutton.c : line
assertion 'GTK_IS_SPINBUTTON (spinbutton)' failed."

The problem is, I created a GUI and the GUI has multiple pop-up windows.
Whenever I set the values in those pop-up windows, those values are supposed to
be processed after one button in the main GUI is pressed. Is the reason for this
errors because I didnt properly connect those windows with the main windows,
hence the signal was not processed correctly? If so, can somebody plz tell me
what do i have to do apart from sending signal n modify the function for the
event of clicking the button in main GUI occured?

Also, I need to know how to print screen in LINUX, as I need to include the GUI
i created in my report. Thanks in advance.

Nor Azhar Sa'ad

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