[Glade-users] Re: Glade-users Digest, Vol 6, Issue 4: glade_xml_signal_autoconnect

Date: Thu, 06 Oct 2005 11:46:24 -0400
From: Tristan Van Berkom <tristan van berkom gmail com>
Subject: Re: [Glade-users] glade_xml_signal_autoconnect

     This (my best guess) is because libglade is not seeing global
symbols in your application, try compiling your program with `-rdynamic'
(I think there are other equivalent options, this one works).


Many thanks for your response. It worked! I compiled on the command line with 
-rdynamic and the warning stopped, the program worked.
What I want to know now is how and where to work the -rdynamic switch onto the 
build files. I have tried putting it into configure.in but it does not seem 
to work.
Grateful for help

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