[Glade-users] Calling Perl GTK modules

Hello all...

I'm a little confused as to how to go about something.

I have a small (well, sort of) module called CheckSecure that is nothing
more than a user/password popup I want to use for authentication via LDAP.
The module works great like this:

require CheckSecure;
my $auth = CheckSecure::check_secure;
if ($auth) {
#do whatever

It does the popup, and returns the value to me. I can use it from a non-GUI
Perl script, and it's perfect. However...

I'm not sure how to use it from a GTK program. When I call the module like
this, my GTK program isn't waiting to get a response back. The $auth
variable has no value when I'm trying to use it, because a value hasn't been
returned from CheckSecure yet.

I originally had Gtk->main and Gtk->main_quit in the module, but I have
since removed them, because of course ->main_quit was killing the GTK app
that was calling the module. My main problem is just retrieving the value

I just don't know how to do this one.


bigperm71 gmail com
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