[Glade-users] Glade and math.h


Everything is being calculated right, but at some point the result of
sin(teta_rad) is nan! I can't understand agian whats is going on. I've
took this code, and compile it separate (without the glade's makefile)
and the calculation was correct! Does someone have any idea of whats

You probably have -lm in your Makefile.am, right? Also, note that lrint
() is C99 standard, so you need to add -std=c99 to the Makefile.am

If everything else is ok, it should work. However, if you have a memory
issue somewhere else (e.g. improper dynamically allocated arrays),
arbitrary errors may jump out on you which don't necessarily reflect in
the actual source of the problem. To check this use valgrind or a
similar tool.



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