[Glade-users] Widgets in memory...

On 5/16/05, Tristan Van Berkom <tvb gnome org> wrote:
Micah Carrick wrote:

I'm relatively new to GTK programming.  I'm using Glade to generate the
XML files for use with libGlade to write a Gnome application. My
question is, should I be using glade for the about, file selection, font
selection, etc dialogs?  Because then aren't they loaded when the
program starts?  Just "invisible".  Isn't that a waste of memory for a
dialog a user may never even see?

well just asked a similar question to the list but it seems i am
finding a solution for now... if you edit main file and comment out
the create_window and show_window statements of the windows you dont
want and then just call these whenever you want to create/call the
window from your parent window....

That all depends on how you use glade files, you could
pass the "root" argument to glade_xml_new (), that "root"
could be the dialog you want to create (and you can just
destroy it and recreate it using the same process); optionaly
you can also use more than one glade file.

seems more tidy i guess...

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