[Glade-users] Click coordinates

I've got a problem posted by Tieum to the gtk-list, but there was no 
answer for that:


I display a BMP  in a GtkImage itself in a GtkEventBox to get mouse click.
When I click in the BMP, I want to:
1?) know the color of the clicked pixel
2?) display something around there
For this purpose, I get a GdkPixbuf from GtkImage 
If the window is the size of BMP, everything is OK.
On the other way, if the window is bigger than the BMP (there's a gray part on 
the left), the coord I get for the mouse click from GdkEventButton.x and 
GdkEventButton.y has an offset corresponding to the width of the gray part.
How can I known the offset between the GtkEventBox (or the GtkImage) and the 
GdkPixbuf ?

Could You help me with that? I can't still find any answer on the Internet.


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