[Glade-users] Re: help needed in including more than 2 libraries in application


This is my makefile.am and i am trying to include the  external
libraries to it not any glade libraries...

## Process this file with automake to produce Makefile.in


=09-DPACKAGE_DATA_DIR=3D\""$(datadir)"\" \
=09-DPACKAGE_LOCALE_DIR=3D\""$(prefix)/$(DATADIRNAME)/locale"\" \
=09 -I$(MYLIBRARY)/include/iniparser/src  -I$(MYFILELIB)/include/filelib/sr=

bin_PROGRAMS =3D vctgconfmgr

vctgconfmgr_SOURCES =3D \
=09main.c \
=09support.c support.h \
=09interface.c interface.h \
=09callbacks.c callbacks.h=20

vctgconfmgr_LDADD =3D @PACKAGE_LIBS@ \
=09=09-L${MYLIBRARY}/lib/iniparser -liniparser -L${MYFILELIB}/lib/filelib -=
And also i am changing my configure.in and adding just two lines more
in it with CPPFLAGS and the LIBS.
This is the lines i am using in Configure.in

CPPFLAGS=3D-I/root/iniparser/src -I/root/filelib/src
LIBS=3D-I/root/iniparser -I/root/filelib/

Can you help me please as i am trying to add the two libraries and  i
am getting the error in doing the ./autogen.sh as...

./configure: line 4096: -I/root/filelib/src: No such file or directory
./configure: line 4097: -I/root/filelib/: No such file or directory
Now if i remove the filelib from the configure.in and keep only the
iniparser library it will give me the error in the make as

/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lfilelib
Please help me out with this .....


On 5/8/05, adi <adiroiban gmail com> wrote:
please add more details.
what libraries (2 glade-lib ?)
you are using Anjuta or you are writing your own autotools files....
can you show a a fraction of you makefile.. .or how do you try to compile
On 5/7/05, poonam chokshi <poonam13 gmail com> wrote:
I am designing an application in which i need  to include more than
one library in my application ..I have already included one of my
library in the application but when i try to include the other library
along with that library it kind of doesn't include the second
Which is the way that i can included more than 1 external libraries in
my application....????
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