[Glade-users] GlademmData

Hello.  I am using Glade to define several accelerators, but I would =
like to be able to override and change some of them within my program.  =
My program is set up such that I am inheriting the glade-defined class.  =
That seems easy enough through the add_accelerator and =
remove_accelerator functions.  The problem is that by default, Glade =

GlademmData *gmm_data;

as private, so I cannot access it through the class I have defined, and =
I need this object as a parameter to add_accelerator.  Is there any way =
to tell Glade to declare this object as public or protected?  I can =
always change the header file myself, but then every time I rebuild, I =
will need to modify it again.  So that really isn't a good solution.  =
Any help would be appreciated!


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