[Glade-users] faking a zoom in operation

a newbie question (i'm new to glade as well as gnome programming):
i'm started to design an interface with glade for an application where 
you can zoom in an image (i use gnome widgets)
I managed to get my application running showing some menu and an 
satelite image. Now i want to fake a zoom in into this image, i.e. after 
a click into the image or on a button the initial image is closed an a 
new image is appearing in the same container.
i already managed to do the closing process, but always failed in 
generating a new image into the existing container:
- how to insert an new image in an existing  container (i guess i can 
access the container, but how to access the image and how to insert it?)
- do you can give any links, literature where i can get more information

many thanxs Dani

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