[Glade-users] create_window1(void) why void? default value - can't it be a variable?

When I create a new project and new window I want to pass structure to 
it. So main function creating window would be not
GtkWidget* create_window1(void)
GtkWidget* create_window1(my_structure* my_struct_instance)
Fallowing thing to this would be how can I (if I can at all) set deafult 
value of some thing i.e. label text or spin button set it to be as some 
part of my_struct_instance
I.e. in label text I would put my_struct_instance->my_label_text.
The only way I can see now is using lookup_widget and setting what I 
need, but:
  - code gets bigger
  - it's less clear

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