[Glade-users] A GTK window doesn't quit with gtk_main_quit()

SBBG wrote:
Hello everyone,
    I'm trying to use a GTK window containing 2 textview to display  
some information on each time of iteration in a loop like this:

    mainFrame=  create_mainFrame();  // these 3 lines are at the end  of 
the looop
    gtk_widget_show( mainFrame );

     gtk_main (); is responsable for being the main loop of your
application, it uses a GMainLoop for this; if you pay close attention
to the docs, you'll find that it is possible to run nested main loops;
but it makes your program quite complex and I'm sure that you dont
need that in your application.

The proper/normal way of writing a GTK+ application is (more or less):
     - Init code in main segment (gtk_init () etc..)
     - Obtain all the pointers to UI objects you need using
       glade_xml_get_widget ();
     - Connect to any significant signals on UI objects.
     - Connect to any event sources such as timeouts or IO watches
     - run gtk_main ();
     - return 0;


GMainLoop docs:

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