[Glade-users] A GTK window doesn't quit with gtk_main_quit()

Hello everyone,
     I'm trying to use a GTK window containing 2 textview to display  
some information on each time of iteration in a loop like this:

extern GtkWidget *mainFrame;


     mainFrame=  create_mainFrame();  // these 3 lines are at the end  
of the looop
     gtk_widget_show( mainFrame );

while another file named callbacks.cc is look like this:

on_buttonExit_clicked                  (GtkButton       *button,
                                         gpointer         user_data)

But somehow, when the on_buttionExit_clicked() is called, the  
mainFrame doesn't quit, instead it stay still there with "no widgets  
alive." ( when I switch focus to other window to cover it and switch  
back, the covered widgets are not redrawn ). And if I tried to click  
on the quit button on top of the window, it shows "this application  
doesn't respond" and both window and main program are terminated.

I know these information seems maybe too few, I upload the code of  
the loop, the callbacks function code, and the interface definition  
code here:

Sorry for so much code listed above, but I just can't individualize  
the part causing the problem.
If anyone had any clue or suggestion, it's would be truly appreciated.


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