[Glade-users] Reusing Panel

Hi all!
1. Glade forces me to start using GtkWindow as the top level
container. I think I can get around this by using
GetWidget() to grab
the components bellow GtkWindow from the panel widget, and
then add
them to where they belong in the main window. Is this right ?
Yes, you call getWidget with the widget's name, this is standard.
If you don't want the root window to be loaded, the LibGlade
(whatever the mono name is) constructor should take an
alternative root argument.
2. Even if I succeed in 1 I'll have all my lower level
widgets names
duplicated twice (this are the widgets that hold the photo
of the user
and some text labels). How can I diferenciate between the
GtkImage in
panel 1 and the GtkImage in panel 2 ? Is this possible ?
You can simply create two LibGlade objects ;)=0A=0AAcc=E9dez au courrier =
=E9lectronique de La Poste : www.laposte.net ; =0A3615 LAPOSTENET (0,34=80=
/mn) ; t=E9l : 08 92 68 13 50 (0,34=80/mn)=0A=0A

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