[Glade-users] Reusing Panel

Hi all!

I'm trying to get my feet wet with Mono and GTK#, coming from a
Java/Swing background. For starters I'm trying to port an old Java app
to Mono and I've decided to try to use Glade to design it's GUI.

I think I'm missing some of the basic concepts in Glade, because I've
got this problem which I can't seem to find a solution for: my app is
basically a single window app that displays the same "panel" twice.
Each one of this panels shows a foto and some text (this app shows
information about people entering and leaving a room, so one panel is
"IN" and the other is "OUT").

Now, I've designed  the panel and the top window layout in Glade but
I've got two problems:
1. Glade forces me to start using GtkWindow as the top level
container. I think I can get around this by using GetWidget() to grab
the components bellow GtkWindow from the panel widget, and then add
them to where they belong in the main window. Is this right ?
2. Even if I succeed in 1 I'll have all my lower level widgets names
duplicated twice (this are the widgets that hold the photo of the user
and some text labels). How can I diferenciate between the GtkImage in
panel 1 and the GtkImage in panel 2 ? Is this possible ?

I'm fairly new to GTK and Glade, so please excuse me for not speaking
the right "lingo" yet :)

Thanks for your help,

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