[Glade-users] Problem with autogen

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<P>Here, i post again Damon's answer on 13 Feb 2003.</P>
<P>Damon, do u think i would fix this problem by installing gtk+2.0?</P>
<P>or&nbsp;the glib2-devel package? i have downloaded it but don't know how 
to add it.</P>
<P>thanks again,</P>
<P>&gt;<I> * Messages 
<BR></I>&gt;<I> [<A href="mailto:root@a-server";>root@a-server</A> 
project2]# ./autogen.sh<BR></I>&gt;<I> **Warning**: I am going to run 
`configure' with no arguments.<BR></I>&gt;<I> If you wish to pass any to 
it, please specify them on the<BR></I>&gt;<I> `./autogen.sh' command 
line.<BR></I>&gt;<I> <BR></I>&gt;<I> processing .<BR></I>&gt;<I> Creating 
./aclocal.m4 ...<BR></I>&gt;<I> Running glib-gettextize...&nbsp; Ignore 
non-fatal messages.<BR></I>&gt;<I> Copying file 
po/Makefile.in.in<BR></I>&gt;<I> <BR></I>&gt;<I> Please add the 
files<BR></I>&gt;<I>&nbsp;&nbsp; codeset.m4 gettext.m4 glibc21.m4 iconv.m4 
isc-posix.m4 lcmessage.m4<BR></I>&gt;<I>&nbsp;&nbsp; 
progtest.m4<BR></I>&gt;<I> from the /usr/local/share/aclocal directory to 
your autoconf macro directory<BR></I>&gt;<I> or directly to your aclocal.m4 
file.<BR></I>&gt;<I> You will also need config.guess and config.sub, which 
you can get from<BR></I>&gt;<I> <A 
<BR></I>&gt;<I> Making ./aclocal.m4 writable ...<BR></I>&gt;<I> Running 
aclocal&nbsp; ...<BR></I>&gt;<I> aclocal: configure.in: 24: macro 
`AM_GLIB_GNU_GETTEXT' not found in library<BR></I><BR>That's the problem. 
It looks like you don't have the glib2-devel<BR>package. That should 
contain the glib-gettext.m4 file which has the<BR>AM_GLIB_GNU_GETTEXT macro 
in it.<BR><BR>Damon<BR><BR></P></DIV></div><br clear=all><hr>�������  <a 
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</a> Get 2 months FREE*. </html>
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<html><div style='background-color:'><DIV class=RTE>
<P>I&nbsp;met the&nbsp;problem with autogen. see the&nbsp;error information 
<P>I have just reinstalled my system and glade 2.0.2.</P>
<P>and found that my previous&nbsp;program (made in glade2.0.2) 
could&nbsp;not&nbsp;'make' correctly, which means that the newly 'make' 
program can run but the comedi give error, while the old program can't run 
without any problem</P>
<P>then&nbsp;i oberserve this&nbsp;info. and found it has been answered by 
Damon Chaplin&nbsp;years ago.</P>
<P>Sorry that&nbsp;my knowledege is poor that i can't understand the 
explanation. in&nbsp;the other way,it&nbsp;is not the instruction in 
<P>so i&nbsp;wonder if anybody has met the same problem before and share 
your solutions.</P>
<P>Zeng&nbsp;&nbsp; </P>
<P>&nbsp;</P><FONT size=2>
<P>[root@localhost project1]# sh autogen.sh</P>
<P>**Warning**: I am going to run `configure' with no arguments.</P>
<P>If you wish to pass any to it, please specify them on the</P>
<P>`autogen.sh' command line.</P>
<P>processing .</P>
<P>Creating ./aclocal.m4 ...</P>
<P>Running glib-gettextize... Ignore non-fatal messages.</P>
<P>Copying file mkinstalldirs</P>
<P>Copying file po/Makefile.in.in</P>
<P>Please add the files</P>
<P>codeset.m4 gettext.m4 glibc21.m4 iconv.m4 isc-posix.m4 lcmessage.m4</P>
<P>from the /usr/share/aclocal directory to your autoconf macro 
<P>or directly to your aclocal.m4 file.</P>
<P>You will also need config.guess and config.sub, which you can get 
<P>Making ./aclocal.m4 writable ...</P>
<P>Running aclocal ...</P>
<P>aclocal: configure.in: 24: macro `AM_GLIB_GNU_GETTEXT' not found in 
<P>Running autoheader...</P></FONT>
<P>&nbsp;</P></DIV></div><br clear=all><hr>ʹ��  <a 
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