[Glade-users] any example about the ruler widget?

On Sun, 2005-01-16 at 15:05, zeng qiang wrote:
Dear all,

I hope to implement the ruler (hruler and vruler) of the glade-2 in my

My plan is to use 2x2 table first and put into ruler widgets and one

From the GIMP(an image viewer), i saw very impressvie usage of the
rulers: the arrows on the ruler could move together with the mouse
movement. it 's indeed very useful.

So I wonder if there is any glade example that can explain the rulers
functions and how we can use these rulers.  

Look at examples/rulers in GTK+. You need to connect to the
"motion-notify-event" of the canvas and pass these events on the the

The GTK+ tutorial also covers this:


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