[Glade-users] Weird Glade version issue

On Wed, 2005-02-16 at 15:08, Bob Huston wrote:
We have been working with glade for several months and suddenly we
have an issue opening the 
.glade file.
My normal method of working is to not close out glade, but leave it
running, so I have not closed the glade
file for some time, which might be an issue.
I have always started glade (running on redhat 9) via the
start->programming tools->glade interface designer
Today I closed this out to move files do another directory tree and
put it all under source code control (CVS).
In the new tree I can not open the glade file, it core dumps. The
glade version, from the about  box, is 2.0.1.
I also have an older version, 1.1.3 on my system and this version
successfully opens the glade file, but 
from looking at it, it is not the same version I was using, all my
controls are there, but the glade UI looks 

1.1.3 is almost the same as 2.0.1, except for a few bug fixes I think.
Though it is possible that one has been compiled with GNOME support and
the other hasn't. (Do they both have "GNOME" pages on the palette?)

Does anyone have any ideas how I can:
- find out why this is core dumping

Try getting a stack trace. See:

- If this is a glade file from the earlier version, can I upgrade the
glade file?

You could try getting Glade 2.0.2 and compiling it yourself.

The file format is the same for 1.1.3 and 2.0.1.

It did change slightly for 2.6.0 (mainly toolbars), but you probably
don't want to use that anyway as it requires GTK+ 2.4/GNOME 2.6.


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