[Glade-users] Gtk_Toggle_Tool_Button is undefined


I used Glade-2 to create an interface for a project and I'm having the =
following problem :

when I compile the code I get an "Gtk_Toggle_Tool_Button is undefined" =

I have the following :

with Gtk.Window; use Gtk.Window;
with Gtk.Box; use Gtk.Box;
with Gtk.Toolbar; use Gtk.Toolbar;
with Gtk.Table; use Gtk.Table;
with Gtk.Event_Box; use Gtk.Event_Box;
with Gtk.Image; use Gtk.Image;
with Gtk.Button; use Gtk.Button;
-- For the events
with Gtk.Widget; use Gtk.Widget;
with Gtk.Handlers; use Gtk.Handlers;
pragma Elaborate_All (Gtk.Handlers);
package Window1_Pkg is

   -- Event Handler instanation for widgets
   package Widget_Cb is new =

   type Window1_Record is new Gtk_Window_Record with record
      Vbox1 : Gtk_Vbox;
      Toolbar1 : Gtk_Toolbar;
      Toggletoolbutton1 : Gtk_Toggle_Tool_Button;
      Toggletoolbutton2 : Gtk_Toggle_Tool_Button;

and I can't find any information on google concerning this (Results 1 - =
9 of about 21 for Gtk_Toggle_Tool_Button. (0.84 seconds) )
and I checked http://libre.act-europe.fr/GtkAda/ and read the RM but no =
luck there either, the closest I find is Gtk.Toggle_Button.=20

I have the following :


I apreciate all the help I can get! Thanks!


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