[Glade-users] Chaning the font size for an entire application....

On Tue, 2005-02-15 at 14:19, Bob Huston wrote:
I have an application running on Linux 9, useing Glade to design the
UI, then libglade to load/process
the xml. The backend code is written in C++ using gtkmm.
When i design the UI screens, they are fine. When I load the XML file,
then call get_widget  to put the
dialogs and windows and controls onto the screen, they have a totally
different and much larger font size
than was used during the glade session for design.

I don't understand why the font is different within Glade and when
running the application. This is all on the same machine isn't it?

Look in the Font preferences. Is the Application Font being used in
Glade? Or in the final application?

Try changing it and see what happens.

How can I change the font size used by the application at run time? I
have found sample code to change 
font characteristics for a control, but I need to do it for all
controls in all windows.

For most applications you should just use the desktop font preferences
for your application. That allows the user to choose whatever font size
they want.

For a kiosk-type application setting the application fonts with an rc
file is OK, I think. Though they can be awkward to get working, as
you've found already. See:


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