[Glade-users] Non widgets objects in Glade

Vivien Malerba wrote:

I'm starting to see how to use glade-3 in the new Libgnomedb library,
and I would like to know what's the status of non widgets support in
Glade (like GtkTreeModel for example) as I need Glade/libglade to
support a data dictionnary Libgnomedb uses.

     Status is "there but incomplete", there is a framework in place
for non-widgets, I havent integrated any from gtk+ yet though and
there are probably some glitches I dont know about, off hand;
you cant have top-level non-widgets, the UI needs improvement;
currently you can only control non-widgets in the widget tree's context
menu and the only way to add non-widgets to the project is through
an "add" submenu, than being said, I use it for a custom toolkit
with non-widgets and it "worksforme".


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