[Glade-users] drawingArea question

OK, this is probably more of a GTK question, but I figured I might ask 
here too...  I built my GUI w/ glade to include a gtkDrawingArea so I can 
perform my own drawing procedures...  I need to access the width and 
height of this widget (as they can possibly change, e.g., if resized) so I 
can draw according to a standard first quadrant, instead of a computer 
first quadrant...

Anyway, I proceed to retrieve them the following way:

GtkWidget *disp = lookup_widget(mainWindow,"display");
gint width, height;

This seems like it should logically work, but I am getting either garbage 
in both width & height, or 1 for both of them...  Any ideas why this isn't 
giving me the correct dimensions...???  Keep in mind I am trying to 
*access* these values, *not* set them (another mailing list confused my 
intentions)...  Thanks...

        - Ian

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