[Glade-users] getting the tree of widgets?

On Fri, 2004-09-03 at 01:50, Dave Andruczyk wrote:
Is there any way to walk the tree of widgets from a loaded XML definition (or
enumerate through it?)

No, but you could use the normal GTK+ functions to do that if you really
needed to.

This would allow a user to walk the list of widgets in the loaded XML file and
set object data (g_object_set_data) on the widgets (using a stringmatch of the
widgetname to ANOTHER configfile storing the values to be bound to the widget).
 This has to be done this way because of glade's unimplemented ability to bind
arbritrary data to widgets g_object_[set,get]_data() in the glade gui and XML.

You could just use glade_xml_get_widget() to get the widgets by name.
That is probably easier.


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