[Glade-users] libglade bug: clist: libglade not using parsed x-align property

Hello Neil.

Please don't use GtkCList.
This widget has been deprecated.

You should use GtkTreeView instead.

El mi�, 20-10-2004 a las 21:37 -0600, Neil Zanella escribi�:

I create a clist with one column. The lable is x-aligned at 0.5 (the
middle of the column).
This is the default in glade, as we can see displays fine in glade.


Then, I use libglade. But the libglade parser does not set the
x-alignment correctly
as was specified in the XML file:


I wonder if this could please be fixed? Should be fairly straightforward,
most likely the XML parser forgot to run some function call when the
x-alignment property was found.



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