[Glade-users] delete: not working as expected


Some more suggestions and another question (I am almost done, and then
won't need to use glade for a while, so sorry about posting a lot... I
don't think
there will be many more suggestions from me as I'm almost done building my
interface using glade, so for now here are the last few...




I create an hbox with 12 subsections and place it on my form.
Click on a window.
Shift click to select the whole hbox.
Right click -> delete.

Now, since the whole hbox is selected, the whole hbox should be gone.



When I right click on the gui editor window I see a list of widgets I can choose
from so I can delete whatever I want. But when I edit everything ends up (and
rightly so) having junk names, which I don't change until later with
the widget tree.

So I don't know which is which. So I should perhaps also be able to right
click on things in the widget tree to pull up a menu with delete and other
options similar options as from the gui editor. I think this would also be
not so bad to implement.


3. The most tedious task is that I need to rename all my widgets to something
that makes sense once I've laid them down. I'd much rather when I clicked on
the tree view, I could just type widget names in directly right there.


4. This requires a little more coding than my other suggestion, perhaps not that
     much either though: a check names option from a menu in the main window:
     what this does is steps through the  widget tree, finds all
clashes, and reports
     duplicates The bulk of the extra code here would be how to present these
     duplicates to the user, which requires some thought. For instance, we could
     have a table with links in it. Each link shows a pair, and
clicking on the link
     takes you to the widget with the clashing name (i.e. when you click on it
     the tree opens up and highlights the clashing name in red, for example,
     so the user can go directly there and edit it).


Almost done building my interface...

Best Regards,


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