[Glade-users] custom widgets

On Mon, 2004-10-11 at 03:17, Neil Zanella wrote:

I am new to glade. I have version 2.5.0.
I would like to make a custom widget and
place it into a window with glade just
like any other widget. If possible,
the widget should render the way it
looks. How can I accomplish this
with glade? (I couldn't find
anything about this in the
glade documentation).

Glade 2 wasn't really designed to support this.
The only thing you can do is create a custom version of Glade, adding
code to handle your own custom widgets.

tools/mkskel.pl is a perl script for creating the skeleton code to
handle one widget. You'll have to look at how other widgets are handled
to see what you need to add to it.


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