[Glade-users] Horizontal and Vertical box

Thanks everyone. I understand it now.

Is it easy to embed apps into the window? Say a movie player in a box?
Or a flash movie?.


On Fri, 2004-05-21 at 20:02, fmouse-glade fmp com wrote:
Designing a UI with glade requires some experimentation with containers, and
with the borders and padding of widgets contained within them.  Containers
are subdivided equally at first, but aren't locked into equal division, and
will resize relative to each other as the properties of the widgets inside
them are changed.  You'll also find that the UI of the running program may
not look quite the same as the mock-up in glade.

IMHO, designing a UI in glade has more in common with designing a web page
using tables than it does with the dragon-drop UI design tools for other
operating systems.  It's not immediately intuitive, but once you get the
hang of it, you can make it do pretty much what you want.

Thus spake prashk.staff.btltd.net on Fri, May 21, 2004 at 08:39:45AM CDT
Hi Peeps,

I'm a newbie with Glade and having a nightmare trying to figure out a way
of desining the interface. I've read a few tutorials and know that it
works on containers. When I add a vertical or a horizontal container(and
specify 3), it divides it into 3 EQUAL parts and does not let me resize
it. How do I get it to resize?

If I use panes then when I resize the panes look horribly wrong and lose
their original look.

Pls help.

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