[Glade-users] setting version number


Scot L. Harris wrote:

First, thanks for a great utility.  Has worked very well for a project
I am working on.

I noticed in the Makefile there is a dist option which produces a nice
tar file of the files needed to create the project.  A very nice

My question is how to set the version number of the project?  I can see
variables in the configure file and in config.h.  But if I modify
config.h that version information is not picked up by the Makefile for
the dist option.

What is the best way to set this?  Is there a way to generate an
install tar file with just the binary?


This is a nice tutorial if you have a free hour. It explains quite well 
some aspects that are managed by glade and other projects like anjuta.


In the mean time, the idea is simple:

In configure.ac (or configure.in, which is deprecated), find the line:

AC_REVISION ($revision: 0.1 $)

You may change this number to your liking. Also, it's a good idea to
change the version number for the automake as well:

AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE (yourprogname,version)

After you're done changing the editing, run autoreconf (or autoconf, if
autoreconf doesn't work for you) and run ./configure again. This will
change the version number in your config.h.in file and the 'make' command
will then incorporate it in config.h. This way 'make dist' will work the
way you'd want.

Hope this helps,


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