[Glade-users] PerlGTK and Glade2

On Fri, 2004-03-19 at 15:52, Lupine wrote:
I posted this on the Gnome Support forums:
...but didn't get a response.  Hopefully someone on this list can point
me in the right direction.  To summarize, I'm trying to get Perl to show
up under the Language option in glade2.  I've done everything from these
but still have been unable to get Perl to show up as an option.  Am I
missing something?

System is a Linux From Scratch install, running the latest stable
tarballs from ftp.gnome.org.  I do not use RPMs, I'm trying to get
everything from source installed.

I took the Perl option out when porting to GTK+ 2/GNOME 2 since
glade-perl didn't support them at that time. It looks like it does
support the GTK+ widgets now, so I could add the option back.

You can fix it yourself by changing the Glade sources.
In glade/glade_project.c on line 51 change:

 GladeNumLanguages = 3;


 GladeNumLanguages = 4;


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