[Glade-users] How to use ones own functions in applications(GNOME) programmed with glade

Hi buddies,
thanks for helping me out of the Image problem. 
Well while writing the application I came accross
another problem that is I couldn't use my own
functions in the application.
The problem is that I defined some functions and
wanted to use them in callbacks.c under different
button clicks. When I built the application (usual
autogen, make, and make install), it didn't give any
troubles, but when i tried to run the program(from
terminal) It showed me an error message that it
'couldn't open display' and program interface didn't
show up.
Anyway, I write whole of my function (the functions I
was trying to use) code inside the callback.c
functions and display worked.
 I also tried to use the functions form a different
file (extra file that I added to my project by making
changes to the makefile) but it didn't help.
plz help me out.....Give me some way to call my own
functions in callback functions in callbacks.c.

thanks in advance
Janmejay Singh
IIT Roorkee

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