[Glade-users] Using images in applications

Dear Janmejay
check out the support.c and interface.c files for the exact paths and why
the problem exists. use libglade instead of code generation as code
generation is deprecated now.

Hi everybody,
I ahve got problem with Images in GLADE applications.
As I design the interface I add some images also and
on making the project, images do not appear, insteed a
blank appears in the place of image. If I run the
application from the terminal, I get an error message
that reads:

 ** (prok:16635): WARNING **: Couldn't find pixmap
file: /root/Projects/prok/pixmaps/terminal.png

(here "prok" is the name of application I built)
somebody plz help. Thanks in advance.

Janmejay Singh

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