[Glade-users] Using images in applications

Yeah .. Glade does not save the image path correctly and looks in the
current directory. You can always edit the XML file and specify full
path of the image there.

On Sat, 2004-06-19 at 18:08, singh janmejay wrote:
Hi everybody,
I am new to GLADE and GTK world, and I'am facing
problem in using images in my applications. whwnever i
use some image i insert it in the application
interface using GLADE and when I make the application,
the picture(image) dosen't show up. only a blank shows
up in its place. When I run my application form Shell,
a message is displayed in the shell that says The
application couldn't find/open the image.
somebody please help, THANKS IN ADVANCE....
Janmejay Singh
IIT Roorkee

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