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* no6 pobox com (number6 ip120 gte156 dsl-acs2 sea iinet com) wrote:
What's "traditional C?"  Is that K&R C, or the C formerly known as
c89, ANSI X3.159-1989?  Then there is ISO C, ISO/IEC 9899:1990.
Then there is C99, ISO 9899:1999.  

Good question, I don't know. All I know is what I get in the warning.

For the purposes of your question, I'd imagine you are refering to 
ISO C as c99 and "traditional C" as c89.  As K&R C does not support
function prototypes, I cannot imagine you are using that original oldie
but goodie.

A good description of the differences between c99 and c89 can be found here:


These seem to be the most important differences:

The new features in C99 include:
    * inline functions
    * freeing of restrictions on the location of variable 
      declarations (as in C++)
    * addition of several new data types, including long long 
      int (to reduce the pain of the looming 32-bit to 64-bit transition),
      an explicit boolean data type, and a complex type representing complex
    * variable-length arrays
    * official support for one-line comments beginning with //, 
      borrowed from C++
    * several new library functions, such as snprintf()
    * several new header files, such as stdint.h

Interestingly, gcc supports most of c99, but Borland and Microsoft C don't.

I thank you for your reply, however it doesn't really answer my
question. First, I'm only using gcc, so Borland and MS C don't count.
Second, I'm obviouslly using gcc's -Wtraditional setting for these
errors to come up, so my question was: how do I get rid of these errors
so that everything works correctly while still using -Wtraditional?
Should I even be using -Wtraditional?

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