[Glade-users] Traditional C rejects ISO C

I'm getting alot of these in my code recently. Most likely due to the
update to gcc on my systems. I have two problems:

1) I get these errors in gutils.h which I didn't write. (using
glib2-2.4.0-1 in Fedora Core 2. I haven't tried with a newer version of
glib yet on my Debian box.

2) I get these errors in callbacks.c for routines like:

void on_button_3_clicked(GtkButton *button, gpointer user_data)

which I didn't write, but glade generated it for me.

So my question really comes down to, how do I solve these problems? I
don't really understand the difference between "traditional C" and "ISO
C" so how do I fix it in code I *do* write? I'm writing C code the way
I've always done.

Thanks for any pointers you can give.

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