[Glade-users] Best practice for destroying windows?

On Wed, 09 Jun 2004 21:36:12 -0400
Jay Camp <jayc CLEMSON EDU> wrote:

What is the best way to destroy a window?  Hiding (which seems to be the
default?) would work, but then I have to write a function to reset all
the settings back to their defaults.


As I understand it - and use it, hiding a window shouldn't change anything
of its interior. With a show, it appears again, completely unchanged.

Destroy removes the widget from memory, and you have to
create_YourWindow() to create it again (if you use Glade). 'Instantiate'
in the sense of declaring it, isn't enough. You have to generate a
gtk_window_new after a destroy (and re-generate its contents)


I have tried doing gtk_widget_destroy() when catching the delete_event
signal, but the next time I try to instantiate the window, it complains
that it isn't a valid widget.

Am I missing something here?

Also, is there a way to have more than one copy of a window?  From what
I understand, glade_xml_get_widget() always returns the same widget.

Thank you!


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