[Glade-users] downgrade Linux

On 2004.06.01 07:48, "Skull, Temple of" wrote:

Guys I'm probably not supposed to do this but I have downgraded my  
Linux system from RedHat-9.0 to RH-7.3.

Both versions detect my monitor, and NEC MultiSync C500.  But enough  
about RedHat.  I want my game compatible with the older Linux which  
appears to have more complete drivers.

I kept my old code for a game I'm working on made with Glade2 on RH- 
9.0.  Glade1 on RH-7.3 won't rebuild it, needless to say.

The libraries between RH7.3 and RH9.0 changed drastically, from gtk1.2  
to gtk 2.2.  If you are using any functions introduced in gtk2.0 and  
above you'll not find them in gtk1.2.

If you have installed the newer gtk libraries then I'd suggest you've a  
bit of work to do to get the linking working right.

Why not try a FedoraCore?  They are really nice, up to date, and might  
just support your strange video card.  There's a savage driver for  
Xfree, you might try that too, with RH 9.0.  On the other hand, perhaps  
your computer is too old for a newer linux?  That's happened to me  

Good luck,


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