[Glade-users] User defined structs to callback

Hi listers,

I can I use a user defined struct and pass it to a callback function from a=
window created by glade?


typedef struct my_struct{
        int a;
        int b;

/* Stuff created by glade */
GtkWidget *create_window(){
        /* Widgets  bla bla ... /*

        /* button is a GtkButton */
        g_signal_connect ((gpointer) button,"clicked",G_CALLBACK(callback_func),=20

Where should I declare and initialize My_struct?=20

Miguel Figueiredo
IT student / Marine Biologist
"Tem calma irm=E3o que a morte n=E3o precisa do teu sim, =E9 coisa certa, m=
ais vale=20
fazer da vida um festim." ALC

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