[Glade-users] How to save widgets state after closing popup windows

Hi there!

I have a program that has a main window that calls other 
small popup windows.

My problem is that when I call one popup window and change 
some widget state, lets say - move a slider or click a 
push button, then when I close this popup window I loose 
the state of those widgets.
Every time that I call one popup window, all the widgets 
of this window are initialized with their default values 
set on Glade...

How can I keep the widgets state and How can I open one 
popup window setting their widgets to non default 

Any Ideias???

PS: strange solution, don't know if it's possible - 
instead of closing those popup windows hide them... in 
this case the widgets don't loose their last state 

Thanks in advance.

|    Jos� Pedro S. Rom�o Machado    |
|       (DET/LEET - N�15993)        |
|      Universidade de Aveiro       |
| Dep. de Elect. e Telecomunica��es |
|           (www.ua.pt)             |

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