[Glade-users] i don't get it

On 2004.01.28 12:02, Alef T Veld wrote:
I'm building my gui with the glade interface designer. Then i just  
use the .glade file it generates, and remove all
the crap i don't need.

Possible i'm removing a bit to much, but i don't understand what's
going on here.

Why not try building it without 'removing all the crap'?  Maybe the  
program needs it, or the GUI (depending upon which crap has been  

Are you removing stuff from the .glade file itself?  Have you removed  
#includes?  A lot of those errors look as though some files aren't  
included, or your are using versions of gtk which aren't compatible.   
The errors will let your program run for a bit, then it'll fail, as  
they are critical errors.



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