[Glade-users] Libglade Tutorial

On Sun, 2004-02-15 at 22:42, Reginald Johnson wrote:
Can somebody point me to a good libglade tutorial.  I'm specifically
looking for the "proper" way to lookup widgets in a callback function. 
for example my "main" function looks like this:

[ snip code ]

Generally what I do is create a G-Object or a struct to contain all of
the information about an application.  I then have an initialise
function that loads and populates this struct or object.

I tend to connect the signals and signal handlers by hand so that I can
pass a pointer to my application object as the final argument to

I don't know of any libglade tutorial that explains this.  I first saw
this design pattern in Gossip[1].  I found the source code for Gossip to
be very clean and easy to understand.  I would recommend that you look
at the source code, in particular gossip-main.c and gossip-app.[ch].


[1] http://gossip.imendio.org/

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