[Glade-users] Can't find GTK-Interface tag

On Tue, 2004-02-03 at 14:11, Xose Manuel Fernandez Lorenzo wrote:
When  I try  to compile with glade2-2.0.0 and C++ y get the next

Changed dir to /home/jota/Projects/project7
Found pkg-config version 0.14.0
Generating code for gtk 2.2.1 (pkg-config), gtkmm 2.2.8 (pkg-config),
[gnomemm 1.2.3 (pkg-config)]
strange attribute char @'!--*- mode'
Can't find GTK-Interface tag
and glade do not make the source.

I think you need a newer glademm. Your one seems to be expecting the old
Glade file format.

See http://home.wtal.de/petig/
Note that it has its own mailing list.


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