[Glade-users] practical question: apps locating glade file

On Thu, 2004-12-02 at 12:43 -0700, Neil Zanella wrote:
So this means that, with the example you have provided, it is not
possible to run
the program once make is issued without issuing a make install, and that this is
the standard way. So either Makefile.am is configured with GLADEDIR bound
to a directory that works after issuing a make, or it is configured to
be bound to
a directory that works after doing a make install.

Yes.  But after you have done the first "make install" as long as you do
not edit the glade file you can just run ./src/myapp and it will pick up
the glade file from where you installed it.

Is this right? So the final user cannot test the application prior to
doing a make install with most standard ways of packaging glade files?

Normally how I work is by doing:

        ./configure --prefix=$HOME/tmp/install
        make install

Doing the make install rather than just make adds a little bit of
overhead, but not a huge amount.

Note that if you start to use other GTK+ and GNOME technologies you will
need to install your app to test it, for example .desktop files, mime
handling, GConf, GtkUIManager, etc.


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