[Glade-users] Problem with configuration

    I'm working with glade and is stuck with a problem. When i execute
    the glade from the command prompt, the window pops up with an
    error, telling that

    "An error occured while loading or saving configuration information
    for project1. Some of your configuration settings wont work properly."

    This problem was not there at first. This started when I was
    working on another project and tried to run the executable after
    excuting the autogen.sh and make. My Glade does not support "Gettext
    Support", so i have to disable that in the Options Menu. When i
    executed the second project, i forgot to disable the Gettext
    Support option. Does this mean i have corrupted my glade
    configuration file? Why is my Project which i could properly execute,
    is not working properly now?

    I searched in the archive list, but couldnt find any answer. Can
    anyone please help me?


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